Can I pause my membership and how do I do it?




  • Pauline

    Doesn't explain how to pause

  • Anne Pawlak

    So, how do I get to 'Pause' ?


  • Pauline

    This is the resonse I got from customer service when I emailed.

    Urban Sportsclub shuld update this article..

    In order to pause your membership, please log in on your personal account on our website or mobile website. Open the tab "Mein Konto" and click on "Mitgliedschaft pausieren". You can pause your membership for 1 month minimum up to a maximum of 6 months in a row, always from the next membership cycle, that is to say from 19/01/2017, for example.

    Please be aware that you have to do it imperatively before the date when your pause should start. Your membership renews itself every 19th of the month.

    To make sure the pause has been correctly taken into account, please refresh the page and you should see the new status, followed by the date when the membership is paused. If not, it means that it didn't get through; if this should be the case, please try again. 

    For your information, your membership will automatically be reactivated at the end of the pause. In order not to forget when your membership will be active again, we advise you to create an alert on your cellphone.


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